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Welcome to the wonderful world of Dermaplaning. You may have already heard of this treatment flooding social media timelines in recent months for its instant glow boosting effects. But what does it actually involve?   The treatment itself is completely safe and painless. It involves using a sterile medical blade to scrape off layers of […]

The Power Of Make Up

MAKEUP? Some of us won’t leave the house without it. Some of us don’t know the difference between bronzer and blusher. Either way, Records as early as 3000 BC show women (and men) using natural resources to stain their faces and hands with homemade tinctures to signify their status in society. Fast forward to 2018 […]



Everything you need to know to keep your lashes healthy, fluffy and gorgeous! First things first, PREP. Please try your very best to arrive without makeup, creams or oils around the eye area. We can easily remove this for you, but it will take precious lashing time out of your appointment (not good). When removing […]

Anti-aging with Vitamin C. MEDIK8

Here at Beautology in Billericay, we recommend early intervention against the first signs of aging. We strongly suggest starting with Vitamin C serum or C-Tetra Day Cream. This antioxidant serum or cream is highly potent and shields the skin from free radical damage from the environment around us. This will ward off premature aging whist […]