Welcome to the wonderful world of Dermaplaning. You may have already heard of this treatment flooding social media timelines in recent months for its instant glow boosting effects. But what does it actually involve?


The treatment itself is completely safe and painless. It involves using a sterile medical blade to scrape off layers of dead skin and vellus hair (the soft “peach fuzz”) on your face. The idea of effectively “shaving” your face can be a scary thought for some. But there is no need to worry, it is simply a myth that the hair will grow back thicker and darker. It is impossible for the soft, vellus hair follicles on your face to grow back with tough terminal hairs (the hair found on legs for example).


The benefits and instant visible effects of this facial are second to none considering it is completely non invasive and non inflammatory. Your makeup will sit perfectly on the skin, giving an airbrushed look. Another big advantage of dermaplaning is that after one treatment, all of your skincare products will absorb better into the skin, allowing you to get your full money’s worth out of your skincare regime. There is simply no point in applying expensive creams and serums on top of layers of dead skin.


Suitable for all skin types, the deep exfoliation due to the blade will stimulate collagen production and bring blood to the skin’s surface. Hello plump and healthy skin! For those of you concerned about fine lines and wrinkles, this is a perfect facial for you as the appearance of any texture on the face is dramatically reduced after one round of treatment.


Any setbacks? We would avoid dermaplaning over active breakouts and acne due to the sensitivity of this kind of area. However, healing spots and acne scarring is a great canvas for dermaplaning as it will encourage the skin’s surface to renew and repair. Also – if you are thinking of having one of our gorgeous Medik8 peels then Dermaplaning is a great pre-step. The peel will be much more effective afterwards after getting rid of all that surface dirt and dead skin.


So why not try it? Here at Beautology we offer a 30 minute Dermaplaning facial for just £75. We can also pop on a gentle enzyme peel for you for an extra £10 to supercharge that glow. You won’t regret it!