Everything you need to know to keep your lashes healthy, fluffy and gorgeous!

First things first, PREP. Please try your very best to arrive without makeup, creams or oils around the eye area. We can easily remove this for you, but it will take precious lashing time out of your appointment (not good).

When removing your eye makeup before your appointment at home, please try to use an OIL FREE remover. We love the “Simple” range – cheap as chips from Superdrug!

*COFFEE ADDICTS BEWARE* If you can – avoid caffeine a couple of hours before your appointment. Caffeine filled drinks can cause twitching eyelids and slow us lash techs down, also it will allow you to have a restful nap whilst we are making your eyes look beautiful.


The LAST thing you want to do after splashing cash on your lashes is get them wet! The lash adhesive will only be fully cured 24 hours after treatment, so we don’t want to interrupt this process. The same goes for steam – we recommend a cool shower of the body avoiding the face. For all you gym babes, try not to work up a sweat, use a sauna or jacuzzi, or go on a sunbed for 24 hours as well. This can weaken the lash bond. No no no!

Next thing – MAKEUP. All you should need to wear on your eyes is your gorgeous full set of lash extensions. But if you must wear eyeshadow and eyeliner then just be careful! When removing eye makeup, dip a cotton bud in our fave “Simple” eye makeup remover, and gently run along eyelid and lash line. Avoid going back and forth along the lash line if you can. Use a fresh cotton bud for each eye as well to avoid transfer of dirt and germs from one eye to another.

Do not by ANY means use mascara, especially if you want to have your lashes infilled. Mascara clumps the lashes together and makes it nearly impossible for us to infill them. And the unclumping and cleaning of your lashes an incur extra time and extra cost on your appointment!


You are now free to get your lashes wet, swim, use the sauna.. However! Make sure you brush your lashes into place after getting them wet and let them air dry. Alternatively you can blow dry them on a low, cool setting gently.


It is completely normal to lose 1-5 eyelashes a day, with or without lash extensions! A new lash starts growing to replace it instantly. Sometimes we will undergo a “lash shed” this is where lots of lashes in the last stage of our lash growth cycle will drop out. Our lashes are in a constant 3 step cycle and each individual lash can be in any phase at any one time.

Most importantly, love your lashes, and keep them clean! Shampoo, conditioner, cleansers, and makeup can all build up in the lash root if we don’t cleanse our lashes every once in a while. Mix a small amount of Johnson’s baby shampoo with cool water and gently massage over lashes and rinse.

Any other questions? We’ll be happy to answer on the day of your appointment or you can call us anytime on 01277 622355.