MAKEUP? Some of us won’t leave the house without it. Some of us don’t know the difference between bronzer and blusher. Either way,

Records as early as 3000 BC show women (and men) using natural resources to stain their faces and hands with homemade tinctures to signify their status in society. Fast forward to 2018 and makeup has revolutionised into an explosion of contouring and even guyliner (eyeliner for men) Makeup is an art form utilised by women and men alike across the globe to express themselves and enhance their own beauty.

But what if you don’t know where to start? The beauty industry is now over saturated with products, gadgets, formulas… I could go on. It gets confusing and knowing what is essential and what is a waste of time can be difficult these days.

There are a few basic items that can help you put your best face forward…

  1. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!

Even the oiliest of skins need a base for the makeup to stick to, a barrier between our skin and foundation to protect and nourish. For oily skins, try a gel formula which dries matte. Dry skins need something a bit richer. Embryolisse is a classic and has priming properties as well as quenching and smoothing the skin.


  1. All about that Base

Find something that works for you, tinted moisturiser is a great every day option. If you need slightly more coverage but can’t face foundation, try MAC Face & Body, it’s a buildable water based foundation that looks flawless all day long. Save the full coverage foundations for nights out for that full glam effect.

  1. Shape it up

A quick combo of blush & bronzer brings out cheekbones and lifts the face. When applying blush, smile at yourself in the mirror and pop it where the apple of your cheek puffs out. We love a cream blush here at Beautology, much more youthful and subtle. Bobbi Brown’s Pot Rouge is amazing, and can also be used on the lips. Very effective two in one product for on the go. Use a fluffy brush and suck in your cheeks when putting on bronzer for a subtle contour and blend upwards. You can also swipe around the hairline & temples to make your forehead appear smaller.


  1. It’s all in the eyes

For day time, make the most of those lashes. Of course we love our Semi Permanent eyelash extensions, but for those of you with natural lashes or LVL lovers. We highly recommend Revitalash eyelash primer & mascara. The volume you can get from this combination is out of this world. Both are available at the salon.

  1. Perfect pout


Last but not least, keep your lips looking fresh with a swipe of tinted lip balm. Or if you can’t be without your lippy, find your perfect Nude shade at MAC or Bobbi Brown, both brands have a huge selection in all different finishes.
We are now offering makeup lessons at Beautology along with full face makeovers. Pop in to book your appointment and learn proper application techniques, how to give your makeup lasting power, or just create your own go-to makeup look for day or night! We can recommend products for your particular skin type and leave you feeling confident within your own skin.

If you have any further questions about our makeup services feel free to give us a call on 01277622355 any time. Also take a look at our Instagram page – @beautologybeauty for some gorgeous before and afters!